WeatherBrains 110: Talking About the Job of Weather

WeatherBrains Episode 110 is now online (March 4, 2008). This is THE netcast audio program for people who absolutely love everything weather.

What is it like to be a television meteorologist? Do they really only work about 6 to 10 minutes a day? James, JB, and Brian talk about some of the longer days they’ve worked. You’ll find out why one of our mottos is “Sleep is for Sissies!”

J. B. Elliott talks a bit about the huge tornado outbreak of April 3 and 4, 1974. He waxes poetically about an interesting adventure on doing the aerial surveys of that event in Alabama.

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And who’s cooking? Yup, our very own host and moderator, James Spann, will be the featured guest on the ABC 3340 Midday News at 11 am on Wednesday cooking up one of his recipes from the ABC 3340 cook book. Taste testers wanted!!!

Mailbag: And our very own EMO, E-Mail Officer, Kevin Selle, is AWOL. So James dives into the mail bag, head first taking on feedback from listeners.

From The Weather Center:

WeatherBrains 101: Expanding on air movement from last week, our black-socks with shorts wearing professor takes on geostrophic wind. Like a lot of elements in weather, it doesn’t really exist. Find out why in our Weather Brains 101 segment.

TWIWH: This week in weather history features a potpourri of many events from tsunamis to really low pressure to high wind all the way through a tornado that ended a record streak of no tornadoes. Bill Murray takes us on a wild ride through a variety of weather events from the week of March 4th.

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Bacteria makes snow?

James Spann again hosts the show with the usual collection of weather geeks for this look at the field of weather in the latest episode of WeatherBrains.

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