WeatherBrains FAQ

What is WeatherBrains?
WeatherBrains is the weekly netcast that’s all about weather, delivered on a variety of audio and video platforms.   This is the show that unites weather geeks worldwide; we do our best to cover the world of weather in a fun way, with great guests. We believe we have the best weather show on the web. Check it out and you decide! The show generally runs 90 minutes every week; we record on Monday nights; the show is usually available by early Tuesday morning. We have produced over 400 shows, and haven’t missed a week since the day we started!

How do I listen or watch?
There are a variety of ways to listen to or watch the show:

Live Site at Big Brains Media

Recorded Video at Show Website  (just click on the embedded player within the show notes posted weekly)

Recorded Video on YouTube

Subscribe/Listen on iTunes

Subscribe/Listen on Sticher

On Select Central Alabama Cable Systems’ James Spann 24×7 Channel (check local listings)

The show, of course, is totally free.

Who are the guys on the show?
Click here to learn more about our cast of characters. Among our group of regulars, we have two broadcast meteorologists, two retired NWS meteorologists, and a PhD researcher. We are scattered from Texas to Alabama, and we all still have a child like fascination with weather.

Do you have guests?
You bet. Our GBO (guest looking officer), Bill Murray, has really kicked it up a notch during the last year. Most of the big names in our science have been on the show. Just search through the archives and you will probably find someone you are looking for. Have a guest suggestion? Send us an email (see the next question below)!

How do I get in touch with you?
Our general e-mail address is You can also reach us via Twitter; see our account links on the main page of the WeatherBrains site.  Aubrey Urbanowicz is our EMO (email officer); we read as many of your comments as possible on the show each week.

How can I advertise?
WeatherBrains is produced by Big Brains Media.   If you are interested in reaching a legion of weather fans, contact Bill Murray who also doubles as our CRO (Chief Revenue Officer).