Weather 101 Segments from 2017


January 3rd – NETATMOS weather station follow-up follow-up

January 10th – Ice Jams

January 16th – Snowmelt flooding

January 24th – GOES-R (16)

January 31st – Hole Punch Cloud (repeat topic)


February 6th – “Just a Skiff (or Skift)”

February 20th – Sea Breeze (repeat topic)


March 6th – Wall cloud

March 13th – Nor-Easter

March 27th – Morning Glory (cloud)


April 3rd – Hodographs (repeat topic)

April 17th – Glaciation in an updraft (repeat topic)


May 1st – 2017 tropic season preview

May 8th – Wake Low

May 15th – Introduction of Storm Surge Watches and Warnings for the 2017 Tropical season

May 29th – UV Radiation


June 5th – MOS Guidance 2.5km grid to replace 5km grid

June 12th – Heat lightning rant

June 19th – GOES 16 to begin operation in November

June 26th – Does friction play a role in weakening a falling tropical cyclone?


July 17th – Lightning, lighting, and lightening.

July 24th – Heat related deaths

July 31st – Fujiwara Effect (repeat topic)


August 7th – Jet streams (repeat topic)

August 21st – Changes in leaf color in the fall

August 28th – Where can you find the best fall colors?


September 5th – ACE (Accumulated Cyclone Energy Index)

September 12th – Landfall definition (repeat topic)

September 18th – Cyclogenesis (repeat topic)

September 25th – JPSS overview


October 2nd – JPSS 1 tools

October 16th – Hurricane Hunters (overview)

October 23rd – Hurricane Hunters part 2 (fix mission)


November 6th – Atmospheric Rivers

November 13th – How much does a cloud weigh?

November 20th – JPSS 1 launched (NOAA 20)

November 27th – Rebuilding weather instruments after Hurricane Maria


December 4th – Snowfall definitions

December 18th – Early history of RADAR (repeat topic)