Weather 101 Segments from 2014


January 7th – Snow to water equivalents

January 13th – How snow forms

January 20th – Polar Vortex


February 4th – Fahrenheit Scale

February 17th – Dew Point Depression

February 24th – Water Vapor imagery


March 4th – Weather vs. Climate (repeat topic)

March 10th – Toque

March 17th – Cloud Classification (focus on fractus)

March 24th – Equinoxes (repeat topic)


April 2nd – How do you know when the cap is going to break?

April 14th – Tropical Weather season (2014)

April 21st – NOAA Weather Radio (overview)


May 1st – NOAA Weather Radio part 2 (SAME)

May 12th – Jet Stream and Jet Streaks

May 19th – Horseshoe Vortices


June 2nd – Tropical Overview 2014

June 9th – Fire whirls

June 16th – NHC Off-season work

June 23rd – Lightning Safety Week

June 30th – Lightning oddity (struck 7 times)


July 7th – Heat and kids in cars

July 28th – extratropical


August 4th – SLOSH model (repeat topic)

August 11th – Meteorological definition of echo

August 18th – ITCZ (repeat topic)

August 25th – Air pressure in a fixed container


September 2nd – Air pressure in the atmosphere

September 8th – John Campanius Holm

September 22nd – Autumnal equinox

September 29th – Lifted Index


October 6th – Outflow Boundaries (repeat topic)

October 14th – SWODY 1-3 changes (2014)

October 20th – Cold is the night when the stars shine bright

October 27th – Hoar Frost (repeat topic)


November 3rd – Lake Effect Snow (repeat topic)

November 10th – Full Beaver Moon (Native Americans naming moons)

November 17th – Wind Chill (repeat topic)

November 24th – Occluded Front (repeat topic)


December 1st – Tule Fog

December 8th – Sun Dogs (repeat topic)

December 15th – Troughs and Ridges (repeat topic)

December 22nd – NETATMOS Weather Station for smart phones review