Weather 101 Segments from 2012


January 3rd – Weather Observations (ASOS)

January 10th – ASOS limitations and parameters measured

January 16th – History of Upper Air Observations in the US

January 23rd – History of Upper Air Observations in the US part 2

January 30th – History of Upper Air Observations in the US part 3


February 7th – Interesting facts of Upper Air Observations

February 13th – Rain

February 20th – Synoptic

February 27th – EML (elevated mixed layer)


March 7th – Geography measurement history

March 12th – UTC, Z time, and daylight-saving time

March 19th – jet stream (repeat topic)

March 26th – real time weather maps (station model plots basics)


April 2nd – Hurricane season experimental services for 2012

April 9th – Phenology

April 16th – NWS Website design refresh (2012)

April 23rd – Interesting Lightning facts

April 30th – Satellites


May 7th – hail formation characteristics

May 14th – Hailstone growth

May 21st – 2012 Hurricane season names and tropical cyclone overview

May 29th – Storm Surge values separated from storm rating categories


June 4th – What is storm surge?

June 12th – SLOSH Model

June 18th – Tropical Cyclone size

June 26th – Rip Currents


July 2nd – Glories

July 9th – Bermuda/Azores high and ring of fire

July 16th – Red Flag Warnings (Fire weather vs. costal wind)

July 23rd – Troughs and ridges

July 30th – Sun spikes on radar


August 6th – Roost rings on radar

August 14th – Smoke plumes on radar

August 21st – Wind farms on radar

August 27th – Traffic on radar


September 4th – Anomalous propagation on radar

September 10th – Albedo

September 17th – Albert J. Meyer

September 24th – Pressure scales (pascals)


October 1st – Norwegian cyclone model

October 8th – Types of low-pressure systems

October 15th – Types of high-pressure systems

October 22nd – Reasons for the seasons

October 29th – Global air circulation overview and Hadley cell


November 5th – Feral and polar cells

November 12th – Radial Velocity

November 19th – Liquid precipitation

November 26th – Frozen precipitation


December 3rd – Obscurations

December 10th – Snow cover’s role in temperature forecasts

December 17th – Mackerel skies and mare’s tails

December 24th – Tilts of troughs

December 31st – Tilts of troughs (repeat)