Weather 101 Segments from 2016


January 4th – Jet Stream (repeat topic)

January 18th – Variability in atmospheric circulations (teleconnection patterns)

January 27th – G.W. Richmann


February 1st – NASA EOS

February 8th – Verner Suomi

February 15th – VIIRS (Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite)

February 22nd – Leap Year

February 29th – Mixing Ratio


March 14th – January 22-24 2016 Snow storm in comparison to past storms

March 21st – Visibility Obscurations (repeat topic)

March 28th – Hydrologic Cycle (repeat topic)


April 4th – Ocean facts with regard to weather

April 11th – Early days of RADAR

April 18th – Dr. William Gray


May 2nd – Dr. Herbert Riehl

May 9th – Moonbow

May 23rd – 2016 Hurricane Season outlook and the cone of uncertainty

May 31st – Attenuation of RADAR (repeat topic)


June 6th – Mammatus clouds (repeat topic)

June 13th – Wet Bulb Globe Temperature

June 27th – Full Strawberry Moon


July 5th – Troughs and ridges (repeat topic)

July 11th – Tropopause

July 20th – GOES 3

July 25th – Norwegian Cyclone Model


August 1st – 2016 Lightning fatality information

August 8th – 2016 Lightning fatality update and myths

August 15th – 2016 Lightning fatality update and more myths

August 22nd – Wireless Emergency Alerts

August 29th – Knots

August 31st – Storm surge


September 6th – Air pressure basics (repeat topic)

September 12th – Air pressure continued (units)

September 19th – Air pressure changes related to weather

September 26th – V-Notch on RADAR


October 3rd – Deep Space Weather Satellite (1 million miles away) DSCOVR

October 10th – Landfall definition

October 24th – Seasonal length and astronomical vs meteorological


November 1st – Wintry precipitation (glaze)

November 7th – Cloud classification

November 14th – Extratropical cyclones

November 28th – Thunderstorm Asthma


December 5th – Lapse Rate (repeat topic)

December 19th – Polar Vortex (repeat topic)