Weather 101 Segments from 2018


January 8th – Bomb Cyclones and Bombogenesis (repeat topic)

January 15th – Measuring Snow (review)

January 22nd – Albedo

January 29th – Foehn Wind


February 5th – National Weatherperson’s Day (repeat topic)

February 12th – Von Karman vortex

February 26th – Air Masses (repeat topic) overview


March 5th – Maritime Tropical Air Mass

March 12th – GOES-S Launch (GOES 17)

March 20th – Maritime Polar Air Mass

March 26th – Continental Polar Air Mass


April 2nd – Continental Tropical Air Mass

April 9th – Arctic Air Mass

April 16th – Tropical Cyclone Naming

April 30th – Latest date for the first tornado in Oklahoma


May 7th – Negatively Tilted Troughs

May 14th – Tropical Cyclones outside of the official season and 2018 names

May 21st – Shelf clouds (repeat topic)

May 29th – Dry Line


June 25th – Glaciation of an updraft (repeat topic)


July 2nd – Baroclinic

July 9th – NWS shared weather facts

July 23rd – Fujiwara Interaction (repeat topic)


August 6th – Hurricane Hunter Aircraft overview (repeat topic)

August 13th – Lockheed WP3D Orion 4 engine Turboprop eye punchers (Kermit and Miss Piggy)

August 20th – Gulfstream 4SP surrounding air of a storm


September 4th – NOAA Aircraft Operation Center

September 10th – Sneaker Waves (Final Recorded Weather 101 Segment)