WeatherBrains 60: “Exploiting Fear”

WeatherBrains Episode 60 is now online (March 19, 2007).

We’ll continue the Listener Survey here for one more week. A permanent link is there on the right menu bar. Thanks, we appreciate your input!

In this week’s Episode:

Dr. Tim Ball Speech– “The Perverted Agenda” — Climate scientist Dr. Timothy Ball, seen here at a speech in 2003, lashes out at the United Nations Panel on Climate Change for its stand on man-made global warming;

– Listener comments: What do WeatherBrains listeners think of the global warming debate? We’ll read some e-mails;

– “Heroes and Angels” — James Spann reflects on his visit to Enterprise, Alabama, ravaged by a March 1st tornado that killed nine people;

Bradford Pear– Pretty but stinky! Kevin Selle follows up on that Bradford Pear tree mystery and finds out why they smell so bad;

– New lows for telemarketing? David Black plays a voice mail he received recently;

– Heading to the Southeast Severe Storms Symposium March 23rd and 24th? Some of the WeatherBrains crew will be there;

– Also following up: The WeatherBrains online Listener Survey. We had a great response, thanks to you. We’ll hit some of the highlights.

Websites featured in this Episode:

Tim Ball’s February 5, 2007, Canada Free Press article

Natural Resources Stewardship Project

Join James Spann, Kevin Selle, Brian Peters, J.B. Elliott and David Black…

We would like to hear from you! To leave a recorded message, call 1-888-247-8627. Some calls may be used during future episodes. And, feel free to post comments on this site…


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