WeatherBrains 58: “Enterprise”

WeatherBrains Episode 58 is now on the server (March 05, 2007).

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In this week’s Episode:Enterprise High School

– We examine how the people of Enterprise, Alabama, are working to put their lives back together following the March 1st tornado that devastated their city, killing eight students at Enterprise High School;

– A mother’s horrifying trip to pick up her son from the high school: David Black talks with Shannon Insley who tells of her harrowing brush with the storm seconds before it slammed into the school, where her 17-year-old son Matthew was attending class;

– “God never left us” — Dr. Lance Hogan, pastor of Enterprise Baptist Church, talks about the message he gave to congregation members following the disaster, and how the tragedy is affecting the community;

– “It’s just awesome” — Linda Boswell, wife of Enterprise Mayor Kenneth Boswell tells David about the spirit of Enterprise residents following the disaster;

-Did school system leaders do the right thing in keeping students at school instead of releasing them early? We talk with civic leaders, parents and Coffee County’s Deputy Emergency Management Director;

– How students and faculty reacted to the Tornado Warning: Kevin Selle asks a National Weather Service spokesman to grade the school’s response to the emergency;

– More dangerous than schools during tornadoes: Mobile homes

– This Week in Weather History: Bill Murray looks at March 6th, 1967, when a deadly F4 tornado ripped across Jefferson and Walker counties, just as J. B. Elliott, who worked for the National Weather Service at the time, had warned might happen;

Websites featured in this Episode:

– James Spann’s Op-Ed piece on severe weather safety in schools.

– National Weather Service Tallahassee review of March 1-2 outbreak.

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