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WeatherBrains 947: The Old Part of Norman

WeatherBrains Episode 947 is now online (March 11th, 2024). If you are crazy about weather, this is THE podcast for you!

Tonight on WeatherBrains is a very special guest.  He’s a leading expert in severe weather research at the NSSL.  He’s known for his work on tornadoes and severe weather climatology.  He brings a wealth of knowledge to the science and it’s an honor to have you with us tonight.  Harold Brooks, welcome!

The People of Weather-Ready Nation: Harold Brooks, Senior Research Scientist

It’s also Harold’s birthday – Happy Birthday Harold!

Bruce Jones of Midland Weather Radio also is back to discuss the importance of NOAA Weather Radio and its timely warnings and information.  Also you can now get 25% off a NOAA Weather Radio at by using PROMO CODE SPANN25.

Our email officer Jen is continuing to handle the incoming messages from our listeners. Reach us here:

  • Pandemic effect on math scores (14:15)
  • German Scientist Hans Ertel and his contribution to meteorology in WW2-Era Germany (18:30)
  • Ertel/Carl-Gustaf Rossby relationship after WW2 (28:00)
  • Chaos in numerical weather prediction (33:40)
  • Ertel and the European Center for Medium Range Weather Forecasts (46:45)
  • Bridging generations in meteorology (01:12:00)
  • Complexities/cascade of uncertainty in science (01:15:20)
  • Integrating behavioral science with physical science (01:21:00)
  • Dealing with the problem of manufactured housing and tornadoes/severe weather dangers (01:27:30)
  • The Astronomy Outlook with Tony Rice (No segment this week)
  • This Week in Tornado History With Jen (01:37:30)
  • E-Mail Segment (01:47:25)
  • and more!

Web Sites from Episode 947:  

AMS Weather Band

Midland USA

Harold Brooks on X

Picks of the Week:

Bruce Jones – March 13th, 1990 Hesston KS tornado

James Aydelott – Colorado ranchers sentenced after tampering with rain gauges to increase crop subsidies

Jen Narramore – NHC Tropical Cycle Report on Hurricane Otis (2023)

Rick Smith – Out

Neil Jacobs – Disappearing cities on US coasts

Troy Kimmel – Foghorn

Kim Klockow-McClain – Workshop on Weather Ready Nation:
Science Imperatives for Severe Thunderstorm Research, Held 24-26 April, 2012 in Birmingham AL

Bill Murray – Weatherwise Magazine New Edition

James Spann – St. Elmos fire and lightning/plasma photo from pilot Joshua Cook

The WeatherBrains crew includes your host, James Spann, plus other notable geeks like Troy Kimmel, Bill Murray, Rick Smith, James Aydelott, Jen Narramore, Dr. Neil Jacobs, and Dr. Kim Klockow-McClain. They bring together a wealth of weather knowledge and experience for another fascinating podcast about weather.