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WeatherBrains 357: Dropping Like Flies

WeatherBrains Episode 357 is now online (November 26, 2012). If you are really nuts about weather, this is THE netcast audio program for you!

Dr. Tony LupoTonight’s Guest WeatherBrain is a suggestion of listener Ken Hoglund. He is an alum, having appeared on show number 249 in November, 2010, not one of his greatest claims to fame. He is the Department Chair and Professor of Atmospheric Science at the University of Missouri. Tonight we welcome Dr. Tony Lupo back to the show.

Other discussions in this weekly podcast include topics like:

  • Extremes: 87 at Corpus Christi, Killeen, and Junction, TX, and -11 at Fosston, MN
  • Tranquil across the Southeast recently
  • Severe weather threat tonight in Louisiana and East Texas
  • Alaska -36 at Northway
  • and more!
  • Our email bag officer has come up with a big excuse to turn the reins back to Kevin who is conveniently out (one of those flies!!). So who knows if anyone is handling the mailbag tonight?

    From The Weather Center:

    WeatherBrains 101: This week is part two of a three part series on precipitation types. With winter just around the corner and some pretty cold days occurring across the vast fruited plain, it seems appropriate to look into the frozen types. And there are several.

    TWIWH: Bill Murray looks back at the week of November 26th.

    Listener SurveyListener Surveys: Okay, we continue to drive this topic into the ground, but we really do like to hear from you. Many thanks to everyone who has taken the time to fill out the Listener Survey. The survey takes just a minute or two to complete and provides us with an opportunity to learn where you are and hear your thoughts and comments on the show. Click here to take the survey.

    Web Sites from Episode 357:

    School of Natural Resources, University of Missouri

    Dr. Lupo’s Home Page

    CPC El Nino Page

    Picks of the Week:

    JB Elliott – Lightning Photo from the USS Eisenhower

    Bill Murray – Where have the tornadoes gone?

    Brian Peters – Online Cloud Atlas

    James Spann – USGS Earthquake Hazards Map

    JP Spann – Alabama Tornado Outbreak from November, 2001

    The WeatherBrains crew includes your host, James Spann, plus other notable geeks like JB Elliott, Nate Johnson, Bill Murray, Kevin Selle, and Brian Peters. They bring together a wealth of weather knowledge and experience for another fascinating netcast about weather. graphic

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